Now available in even smaller sizes for very young children. Same patented design in a tiny size. 

Pediatrician and brain injury expert recommended. Helmet polymer soft cotton wrapped protective headgear. Super cute safety aid to be used (under supervision) for the important few months when baby is learning to sit, crawl and walk. Any time you'd like to add head protection in case of accident to soften the blow from a fall, tumble, trip, collision with table corner, edge, floor, other hard surface at home or at the park. Trampolines, swings, monkey bars. Use whenever there's a risk of a bump or a scrape or a bruise to the head. Effective when worn under a hat. Super cute on it's own. Makes a caring gift.

Small children can practice their new skills with greater confidence. Looks and wears just like a sweatband. The only difference, which is significant, is that trips, slips and falls will have substantially less effect, less impact force to their developing brains than ever before, up to 83%.

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Forcefield XS 35
Forcefield Protective Sweatband™ XS 35 Protecting your head is now super easy, as easy as wea..
$CAD 29.95
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