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You may also USE THIS FORM TO ENTER THE FREE ULTRA(tm) CONTEST for a chance to Win a free Ultra(tm). There's a winner every month. Canadians only. Full contest rules. If you play a sport where a helmet is not part of the gear, or you're doing something that poses the risk of a fall where you might hit your head, try your skill.

All entries must include:

Type of activity and why it's important to protect your head in that activity.
For example, this is why head safety is important in my activity: I need to protect my head when playing basketball. I might trip and hit my head on the court.
Do not pick an activity where helmets are standard equipment.
Your full name and address, a second name and his/her age if he/she is a minor
Your size choice. For example, If I win, please send me the ULTRA JR. Note: ULTRA JR fits 4-12 (44 - 57 cm), ULTRA ADULT fits teen to adult (53 - 65 cm).

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Be prepared to play all sports safely...
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