Hundreds of thousands of individuals and pros throughout the United States and Europe have been wearing Forcefield Protective Headgear™ for years. 2016 marks the official launch, the first year Forcefield™ is available to Canadians nationwide. You will find Forcefield™ in select markets and on the website at the beginning of 2016.

National Associations, Local Organizations, the Federal Government and Provincial Governments have been funding, studying and implementing programs to reduce our risk of injury for many years.  CHIRPP started tracking injuries. $4.2 million was marked for concussion research and another $2 million to promote injury prevention. Parachute was founded.  All have stepped up their efforts and for good reason. There is a concussion every 3 minutes and the rate has been increasing. Professional athletes are not the only people at risk.  Think First1 reported that thirty per cent of all brain injuries are sustained by children and youth, many of them while participating in sports and recreational activities. Sadly, over one million Canadians already live with the effects of an acquired brain injury.

The Brain Injury Association of Canadais one of those organizations helping in a big way. Not only do they promote early detection and treatment of concussions through prevention and awareness initiatives, they help develop and support local associations for acquired brain injury survivors and their caregivers and families.

TransCanada Network, the Canadian importer of Forcefield™ is proud to support Brain Injury Association of Canada in its work. The Forcefield Benefit Fund has been established to give a portion of every Forcefield™ sold in Canada to the Brain Injury Association of Canada.


1Think First was amalgamated along with 3 other agencies by Parachute. Parachute is a relatively new, national charitable organization who's mandate is to prevent injuries and save lives. Forcefield Fundraising Kits include printouts of Parachute's online injury prevention tips and concussion detection tools for distribution in the schools and other fundraising venues.

2Brain Injury Canada (The Brain Injury Association of Canada) was formed in 2002 after a groundswell of advocacy and national activity by local brain injury associations, survivors and caregivers across the country. It is a national, charitable organization made up of board members and volunteers. The funding to support Brain Injury Canada's efforts comes solely from private donations. For more information about the Brain Injury Association of Canada: 440 Laurier Ave. West, Suite 200 Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7X6 Toll Free: 1-866-977-2492 Phone: 613-762-1222 Fax: 613-782-2228





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