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Amsterdam 2022 International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport

A new set of evaluation tools SCAT 6, Child SCAT 6, CRT 6 and SCOAT 6.

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Forcefield's free Ultra contest gets you thinking about head safety. Arenas, Boys & Girls Clubs and libraries are putting up posters across Canada to promote the contest:

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Non-collision sport headgear launch, Canada



Forcefield suggests Canadians dodge head injury with new style head gear

June 1, 2016

Put Forcefield between you an a head injury TORONTO, ON – 2016 marks the launch of safety certified headgear, new to Canada, and it comes enclosed in a headband, not a helmet. Forcefield FF Ltd. (New York) claims its protective sweatbands significantly reduce impact force and have CEII certification from INSPEC to prove it.  MORE...

Exchange Rate Good News for Forcefield Customers

Canadian price looks higher, yet with the exchange rate, it's cheaper for Canadians to buy these protective headbands in Canada.

You save at least $5 - $10 at the .ca website before taxes and shipping:
USD $15 * exchange rate 1.431 = CAN $21.45 + Customs $9.952 + Duty up to 5.053 .com price = $36.45 .ca price = $29.95
USD $20 * exchange rate 1.431 = CAN $28.60 + Customs $9.952 + Duty up to 6.74 .com price = $45.29  .ca price = $34.95

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We know more about head injuries and healing them than ever before



Full Contact Sports in the Limelight

Medical research shows that although interest in sports-related concussions is usually focused on full-contact sports like football and ice hockey, concussions occur across a wide variety of school sports. Soccer and basketball concussion incidence rates are next after football.... Full Research Study MORE

Forcefield customers are proactive

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Head Injury in the News

It's common knowledge that contact sports and some recreational sports carry risks for a slip on the ice or a tumble to the ground. Even if you hit your head, most are inclined to shrug it off to get back in the game. Hitting a ball with your head is even a normal part of soccer. What many people don't realize is that a) small repetitive brain injuries can cause long term damage, b) concussion symptoms may not show up right away and c) damage inside the head cannot be seen by the naked eye. These days, the recommended recovery time, even for a mild concussion, can be over a week of bedrest. For some, it will mean missing a season. In response to growing concerns about children’s safety in hockey and other sports, the Canadian Government granted over $4 million dollars to concussion research with the goal of determining the impact of a concussion on the developing brain. Awareness, detection, healing time before returning to play and prevention have never been more important. Your body is nothing without a brain...
Be prepared to play all sports safely...
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