subscribe for weekly content + fun stuff! Thanks for the inspo on this project!ReplyCancel, It’s a tough call, since we only have experience with fluctuating Chicago weather! The best part about this design is that it can be seamlessly reinterpreted in any space. Many of the fabrics which make sails seaworthy, will also serve as weatherproofing for your outdoor item.ReplyCancel. 54 watchers. Plus, the color continues on beyond the actual fireplace and adds a lot of character to the entire wall. You guessed it: gold. Here’s how the paint application breaks down: The exterior of the fireplace received a total of 5 coats. It not only anchors the whole aesthetic of this Mid-Century fireplace, but also provides a great focal point for the rest of the room. It’s the kind that becomes an effortless focal point in any room. I’m worried about the pipe or stove getting too hot & starting a fire. It contrasts the dark wood texture of the mantle beautifully. They crack me up! There’s got to be a different way to lay out the yard, I said. This site uses affiliate links. Although it’s traditionally meant to be used indoors with firewood, we had planned from the beginning to convert it for propane use. I’m curious how it looks with the rest of your beautiful decor!ReplyCancel, Thanks, Kim! Queer Eye Farnsworth Mid-Century Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 65", Walnut Walmart USA $ 335.00. Similar look to yours and I wanted to get mine powder coated and my question was is your powder coating high heat powder coating? Well you're in luck, because here they come. The most common mid century fireplace material is metal. 5 years ago I went on the hunt for a preway fireplace for my outdoor space….finally, after some patience, one came up on Craigslist. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The stand holds four of the most-used tools for tending fires and tidying the hearth, with a built-in tray beneath. We chose this 18″ kit for its star shape, which supposedly gives off a more natural looking flame (as opposed to, say, a circular ring of fire). Do you have a sense of how long the propane tank will last, perhaps in hours? So if you’re searching for some majestic fireplace ideas, this list will inspire you to no end. The use of beige stone coupled with the layered effect really brings out the best of the whole design. Although we toyed with the idea of an eye-popping copper finish, we knew that black would feel classic and slightly contemporary, and with all the work we’d be putting into this makeover, we didn’t want to regret our color choice a year or two down the road. Thank you for much for this post! That’s why I love reading your blog!ReplyCancel, Looks amazing!! The fireplace itself is magnificent. This gorgeous and absolutely statement-worthy Mid-Century fireplace is a collision of vintage persona and modern dynamic. ThanksReplyCancel, Try searching for automotive shops!ReplyCancel. It’s incredible…makes me want to redo my backyard a bit… :-)ReplyCancel, […] MCM fireplace converted into a GAS fireplace for the backyard… whaaaatttt?!!!!! Anything you’d do differently? Large 1950s formal and open concept … Would the install be the same to a gas line vs the propane? $7,800. Any help would be great, and THANK YOU for posting. I’ve be curious on how much and what the temperature dip was that caused it to crack. A low-height console, a floating shelf, and a fashionable single statement pendant light add personality to the whole design. 92618, 602 West Hastings St, Unit 404 I have a gas line to where I plan to install it. Using cinder block-type materials, installed vertically at various depths with intermittent glass tiles, a freestanding fireplace is fantastically emphasized. While a mid century modern house plan could potentially be built in any area of the United States, Palm Springs, California would be the quintessential location. Does your stove & pipe get extremely hot? To be honest, I was a little worried after the first few, because the finish wasn’t looking as perfect as I would have liked. I hold out hope! !ReplyCancel, It dropped almost 40 degrees pretty quickly! I’m not really concerned about the look so much as it not rusting out.ReplyCancel, I think that if you keep it protected during rain and winter, you might be okay! It also merges really well with the surroundings. Rustoleum offered up their high heat paints for us to try, and although covering anything this large requires a bit of a learning curve, we’re so happy with the results. The floating ventless fireplace with the cozily flickering flames and metal finish stand out in stark contrast against the natural stone backdrop. It’s an aesthetic that works well for any modern home interior. He sounds ‘magical’, haha!ReplyCancel, I am always so impressed with all you do! Cover it? We actually gave away our extra fireplace parts that we didn’t need to someone through the MCM group. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about mid century modern fireplace? It gets hot, but not so hot that it radiates heat waves from the pipe. It’s be worth a shot to use rustoleum for indoor use!ReplyCancel, Thanks for sharing! Hope winter holds off long enough that you get a long, happy fall in front of your flames!ReplyCancel, Thanks, Mandi! ... 2731 Chelsea Dr. is another mid-century with views and an indoor pool but is largely on one level. I can have Scott look up that request if you’re interested? That does really amazing upholstery stuff. Thanks.ReplyCancel. You two rock? Or should we just bite the bullet and look into powder coating – no idea what that costs but I’m assuming much more haha. These poor pups get an earful! Some fire pit kits are convertible, but just make sure that that one you purchase can be used with your fuel type.ReplyCancel, Hello, I’m restoring one just like this and had it blasted and recoated. Thank you!! Then she comes inside with a doggie grin on her face. The flange and key (seen below) can be turned to change the intensity of the fire, although if it were up to me, we’d keep those flames on high, all the time. The install is similar, but after a season or two using propane tanks, we actually switched our setup over to natural gas as well. Feel free to email some pics over to if you’d like me to take a look. All you need is to take care of the proportions and scale. I am looking for photos or blueprints of how these fireplaces are designed. For the home with a chic retro feel or a mid-century modern vibe, this fireplace idea is perfect! Thanks for sharing! You guessed it: black. We’re very happy with it. It’s all very warm and cozy. If anyone wants to stop me now, please give me some ideas a-sap! Never use vinyl wrapped, double-hung windows on a Mid-Century house. Where do you live?ReplyCancel, I am thinking about putting a preway made fireplace outside. Update 12/2016: Eek! In case you missed our backyard renovation from the beginning, our fireplace journey wasn’t quick, but it was 100%, completely and totally worth it. The video of CC at the end snoozing away has got to be my favorite thing I’ve seen this week. We loved it.ReplyCancel, Just wanted to give you major props! It’s almost reminiscent of the classic Falling Water residence designed by F. L. Wright. policy), and 5 hours later, we had ourselves a fireplace. or Best Offer +$200.00 shipping. The amount of time and energy you’re putting into this is awe-inspiring. Each piece hangs from a circular stand that takes up little space next to the hearth. So high heat in and out. I can see now why you guys weren’t too worried about the proximity to the surrounding wood. Vancouver, BC, Canada Otherwise, we were about to check with our local upholstery shop!ReplyCancel, We got ours for $150 on Craigslist! Mine has some major imperfections. The choice of flagstone style cladding on the entire surface adds a lot of personality to the whole design. 25+ Stunning Mid Century Modern Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas. And def go get you all some s’mores!ReplyCancel, This is so beautiful! It's crafted of solid steel by… This gorgeous grey colored fireplace is a modern take on the typical stone-and-chimney design. Overview Clean-lined and handsome, the Mid-Century Fireplace Tool Set includes four essentials for tending a fire. Time left 6d 1h left. :), And yup, the key/flange pictured above is what adjusts how strong the flames are!ReplyCancel, Totally amazing, you made this fireplace transformation look like a piece of cake! I’ve had a saved search on my Craigslist ap for this fireplace for months and months, and so far, not a single thing has popped up. We are officially […]ReplyCancel, This project rocks from start to finish. Wow, it looks great – what an awesome idea to convert it to propane! His brief included a mandate to remodel the house with an eye toward a … ), we needed to use high heat paint. It was love at first sight, even without some of the classic attributes that you might expect to have in the typical mid-mod ranch home, (it is more of a mid century modest). Because the fireplace would be reaching incredibly high temperatures (you know, fire and all! Not sure if you saw the update, but we’ve since converted the fireplace over to natural gas and it’s been a fantastic upgrade! Thanks for the update! We also live in Chicago and are hoping to use a Malm fireplace outside, but concerned about the weather.ReplyCancel, We did! 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