Light-O-Rama further recommends that you remain seated at your desktop throughout the entire remote session. this group is set up to help light orama users with help not ran by lighto rama Product Description CB100D Cosmic…, Confused and have a question?  Chances are we already have the answer because you’re not the first one to ask. …, Where do you begin? Much of our design engineering is handled out of our New Jersey and Ohio locations. Help is on the way! … Got a huge project and don’t know where to start? Step 2: Select Audio File: Select the audio file you will use to create the sequence and click Open. A remote session is offered only after all other avenues of assistance have been exercised. Welcome to the Light-O-Rama Helpdesk. To open the Sequence Editor click Start > All Programs > Light-O-Rama > Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor Click New Musical Sequence and click OK. As of April 15, 2020: COVID-19 Announcement! Help is on the way! A remote session is offered only after all other avenues of assistance have been exercised. Here’s the official source for Light-O-Rama information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Light-O-Rama users support has 1,763 members. Click the link below to download the latest version of the Light-O-Rama software: A valid email address is required to submit a ticket. Light O Rama is a leading system manufacturer and retailer for creating animated shows including lights, music, video and animation. How do I download Light-O-Rama software and get key? There’s an easy way. Contact us at Light-O-Rama Light-O-Rama headquarters in New York Our manufacturing, order fulfillment and customer support center is located in beautiful upstate New York near the Adirondack mountains. Fast forward 11 years to current day. Note: It is recommended that you copy audio files to the Light-O-Rama Audio folder. Think Pixie16. The help file "What's New" shows what minimum version of firmware you need for each device: • CCB100D-V1_20.lhx (CB100D Cosmic Color Pixel/Bulb Controller) : Added support for Enhanced LOR networks, and fixed a bug where the bulb self test did not correctly … Got a huge project and don’t know where to start? Think Pixie16. Trained Light-O-Rama partners are a great resource. That includes G3 AC controllers, CMB24, Pixcon16 (when released), Cosmic Color devices. A Mad Russians Christmas-TransSiberian Orchestra, Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24-TransSiberian Orchestra. Official Light-O-Rama Partner List There are a … Light-O-Rama allows the possible intensity of most lighting effects ranges from 0 to 100, i.e. Why do pixel controllers have to be so complicated? The Control Panel must be running in order to control showsfrom your PC. Light-O-Rama does not assume and is not responsible for any liability for the linking and viewing of any of your computer’s content, the operation of the Light-O-Rama Remote Access software, or system performance. 99 $19.99 $19.99 We at would like to inform everyone of the new sequence coming out,it is done for the 24 x 50 matrix right now and will be done for 12 and 16 ribbon tree as well. … Remote sessions over dial-up or cellular modem (‘tethering’) are not available. The Light-O-Rama software package must be registered, with a valid license, in order to be used to its full potential. It is up to you to ensure that you backup your data on a regular basis. Remote Support. Open a New Ticket. Confused?  Looking for a little help?  We have you well covered. Light-O-Rama is a bit like…, Light-O-Rama warrants to the first end-user all hardware and parts thereof against defects in material and workmanship for a period…, How does it all fit together? We’ve taken two popular products, our miniDirector and FM transmitter, mounted them in a weatherproof enclosure and named it ShowTime Central. You must have a high-speed connection to the Internet, such as a cable or fiber optic modem, that can be accessed from the computer in question. Your data is important to us. Each license contains two separate types of license levels: the main license level and the SuperStar license level. They’re easy to talk to and more than willing to explain the stuff that just doesn’t make sense when creating your own computerized show. Asking about another vendor's hardware? Use SuperStar and Light-O-Rama Sequencer to create singing faces where mouth movements are synchronized to the voice(s) in a song. Looking for the absolute easiest way to get started making your lights flash with the music? N2-G4 Multi network, Light-O-Rama Show Director $239.95: N4-G4-MP3 Director 4 network, Light-O-Rama Show Director $299.95: PRO Series Addon LOR800Wg3 15 Amps - 8 Channels $269.95: Addon CTB04-PC 15 Amps - 4 Channels $169.95: Addon CTB04-PC-ELL 15 Amps - … You need to ask in the General Decorating Questions forum. Features: Universal design works with CTB16PC/LOR160XW Series controllers, WowLights Dumb & Intelligent RGB Controllers; Can be used to mount 2 of the same model controllers (front and back) Works with flange and rail (top mount) types of LOR160XW Series controllers Beginning with version 3.5.0, the Light-O-Rama software supports E1.31. In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Our…, Ready to upgrade to the latest version of Light-O-Rama software?  ShowTime 5 (aka: S5) combines Sequence Editor, Pixel Editor and…, We’re all about consistency at Light-O-Rama but it’s easy to get confused because there’s so much you can do with…, Sometimes you have to change the way those little computers inside Light-O-Rama products think.  The magic happens in something we…, We’re not going to leave you looking for information.  Here’s more documentation than you could imagine. Light-O-Rama recommends for your security and privacy that you exit any applications you have open that are displaying content such as personal or confidential information BEFORE initiating a remote support session with a Light-O-Rama representative. A Mad Russians Christmas-TransSiberian Orchestra. Each year we see messages from folks who have had a computer failure and lost all of their Light- Don’t know how to coordinate all the lights with the music? customer support platform. However, the intensity sliders at the top of the Test Console only show sixteen of them at once (plus the master slider). Anyone joining the remote help queue without an invitation is ignored. However, Light-O-Rama cannot guarantee that use of our service will resolve your problem or that attempt to rectify your technical issue will not cause additional problems requiring additional cost. Why do pixel controllers have to be so complicated? In typical configurations the controllers are daisy-chained so each requires…. Their network of hardware and software engineers, experienced technical support staff, and certified partners … They may charge or they might not. it depends on what kind of support you're asking for. Not anymore. We only accept sessions that have been prearranged and we do not monitor the list of people in the queue. Please fill in the form below to open a new ticket. Our off-the-shelf controllers combined with award winning sequencing tools give you the power to synchronize lights and special effects. Actually lets roll the clock back about 6 weeks. Open the Light-O-Rama Show Editor (Start > Programs > Light-O-Rama > Light-O-Rama Show Editor) Click the Musical Tab ; Click the plus button and select the sequences you would like to add to your show; You can adjust when each song plays by selecting it and clicking the up and down buttons Not anymore. a percentage of full intensity. We do not offer remote sessions for training purposes. Which version of the Light-O-Rama software do I need? First a little background: Ive been using LOR products since 2006, and have always received great products and service from them. DMX devices, however, are capable of taking 256 different intensities (from 0 to 255), rather than 101. We have you well covered. Light-O-Rama controllers are connected to a data network for communications. Got a big job and don’t know where to begin?  Consider Light-O-Rama consulting.  We’ve got the…, Connect your lights and special effects to various types of Light-O-Rama controllers.  Use your computer to determine the time line…, We’re here to help! If you have been contacted by a Light-O-Rama engineer and have been invited to a remote session, go here to get started. Only G3 controllers can do Enhanced. There’s an easy way. If you have any questions about remote support, please contact us.