Get rid of unwanted sticker residue or sticker glue adhesive in a snap without hard work or scraping! 13.WD-40 (set for 5 minutes)- also works pretty good, again hard on the breathing, and kind of oily to clean up, as I am not able to wash it in the sink of soapy water. I’d tried nail polish remover and other things, but then tried peanut butter after looking on this website. I collect vintage glassware & thrift stores love to put their price stickers on them. Wish I had tried it first! It isn’t that sticky though anymore but still see the glue. In most cases, you’ll pay between $5 and $55. I tried many things like Cilit Bang, which didn’t work. I tried Goof Off. (It was glue from the back of stick-on vinyl tiles.) Cooking spray (Pam) worked wonders for me! Please share below :). I assume the reason the peanut butter works so well is because of the oil, so I am going to try them. So i tried to remove them as best i could but couldnt remove the residue. My suitcase handle had sticky residue on it from when I removed the duck tape that I had wrapped it with. My passport had this grey sticky stain on the back due to the stickers placed on by customs, and I didnt know how to get rid of it! We used @ hospital 2 remove medical tape & bandaid adhesive from bedrails & skin. The residue was so tough that it actually seemed bonded to the plastic itself! Then wash off. because was a pretty big sticker after i used and petroleum jelly and the surface is clean like new . Whatever goo was left after a good scrubbing with the Off!/Kleenex combo was easily removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Letting them go back into the wild. It came off about 1-2 minutes after rubbing the back of the fabric where the sticker was located with the ointment. I heated the mixture about 10 seconds in the microwave to help the oil/detergent combine, stuck the scissors in the mixture and Voila! Just tried tea tree oil to remove the idot stickers on the bottom rail of our new set of cordless retractable pleated shades. I would suggest using perfume first! Concentrated Basic- H works on all kids of sticky messes! There is now light at the end of what was looking to be a very long tunnel!! It's easy & cheap! Another tip we used years ago when I used to work in an arcade was to spray it with hairspray holding the nozzle as close as possible so you got liquid not a mist then, again, pick off with a rounded end knife. Worth a try, I think…. After scraping the label off by use of a new razor blade, use pvc pipe cleaner to remove the adhesive. Worked suprisingly well considering it was a mad idea! Finished off with a Magic Eraser. They are produced by many manufacturers to help remove of paint, glue and other adhesive residue. If you can’t park near an outlet to use a hair dryer or don’t have a heat gun, try pouring boiling water over it to get things underneath melted and loosened up enough to pull it off. . So here is one way to remove sticky adhesive label residue from metal, wood, plastic, even wood flooring. DONT USE WATER AND A PAPER TOWEL.. it will smear the sticky . To make this easy but effective floor adhesive remover, add equal parts hot water and white vinegar in a bucket. thanks guys. Hi Before I go and buy PB,do you think it will work on Aluminium Silver Anodised window frames,I used selotape to cut out drafts and it has left sticky residue,I don’t want to damage the silver,can you help. I have been trying to remove glue on my shower stall for a month. It contains more of the label-removing component! Panic…!!! Just put a small amount on your finger and firmly do circles for 30 seconds.. works life a charm!!! I spread it on, and used a toothbrush to scrub off the sticky glue. I had to use it sparingly though; it seemed to remove some of the finish on the metal cabinets. I let it soaked for 15 minutes, then I used hair drier. i used johnson and johnson baby oil and it came off within a few minutes – 2-3 minutes to be exact. Wow, eucalyptus worked amazing! May 30, 2020 - Learn the best tips to creating homemade adhesive remover. Not only did it remove the adhesive, it removed the paint. So I searched google and this webpage came up, the one which I found the solution and the one that I am writing this comment from. Thanks tipnut, and everyone who said to use peanut butter! Then I sprayed the residual goo with WD40. 5.Hair Spray- this worked a little bit, did start to remove some of it, but leaves a whole other sticky mess to clean up 6.Baby Oil (mineral oil)- did start to work, but is a mess to clean up after the fact. So I cleaned off all the stuff and let it dry. I couldn’t get it off and was afraid to use even soap and water, as it might stain the scarf, or dry irregularly (which had happened with other scarves). Peanut Butter………….. It worked like a charm. It eliminated the stickiness leaving only the evidence of a prior adhesive and then elbow grease woth murphy’s oil or pledge. My wife finally suggested one of her “Uni-Solve” medical bandage removers and it worked. I used windex and it worked really well for me I had put really sticker things on my window and the stick wouldn’t come off and then when I used windex all I had to do was squirt it a couple times on all the stains and and put a little elbow into the scrubbing and it came off in 2 minutes!!!! PB rub in with finger lightly. Applied using a cotton bud and left for a few mins… wiped right off with a bit of tissue and some elbow grease Look good as new now and being Tea Tree I just disinfected them all too! I just tried the Olive Oil, it works like magic. It goes on smooth, removes so easily and that glue gunk just slides off with it. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Long story short. Vicks Vapor rub helped me get rid of the sticker residue/glue left on a wooden crib. Once the mess has been removed, wash surface as you normally would. Best of luck in your “Anti-Goo” adventures! cant believe it actually worked. put on PB all over it and left it for awhile. I just poured some on a paper towel, and it took just one minute of rubbing to remove all the glue. Did the trick for me. Windex isn’t working, looking for duct tape! This is rarely the case with store-bought products. Job done. I will try it along with a few other suggestions here (WD40, Goo Gone, and peanut butter sound promising also). So then I tried nail polish remover. As a last resort I tried a clay bar(soft yellow clay used for car detailing) it worked. You needn't worry about the vinegar leaving a smell as once it has dried, as it will leave a clean odor. Thanks for the tip! You can use the peanut butter on cloth as well as long as you immediately put some dawn dish soapt on it afterward and rinse it out. I accidentally touched sticky insect trap placed by the exterminator. Tea tree oil worked great to remove sticky tape residue on wooden drawers. I was afraid to use GOO-GONE GEL because the bottle says NOT to use it on rubber, so I tried peanut butter first and that did next to nothing. I tried Vodka and it worked and you get to celebrate afterwards. After reading this, I tried peanut butter, and it worked almost effortlessly! the purfume and my fingernail worked great and smelled nice too! all that mess is gone, no scratches and my husband is right now putting up the fixture. It sparkled after the Mr. Clean. IT worked like a dream! I’ve also found it works well to get fingerprints off brushed steel kitchen appliances. I really think it is just the oil in peanut better, it works on gum in kids hair too. Thank you, people! ? Most of the adhesive residue went off, except for some stubborn spots which requires more butter to be massaged in. just spray on affected area and wipe with cloth!! Tried them all. Removing glue from white macbook: Use petroleum jelly. Now I saved 90 bucks! A solvent-based formula, it … Need to remove sticky tape? All rights reserved. I used peanut butter on a Q-tip to gently cover the area, let it sit for a minute, and then cleaned most of it up with a clean Q-tip. Stands back from the keyboard in azamemnet! I put a thin layer over the many sticky spots and left it on for approximately 20 minutes or so, then using my fingernails, I scraped all the areas to ensure that the glue was going to come off and then wiped all the covered areas with paper towel and washed the canisters in warm soapy water, and my containers are now glue free. It is silky and manageable now. A favorite of kids, now a favorite of mine Whenever I need to get rid of some grime. Perfect! ANT IDEAS? Does anyone know the science behind this tip? Every now and then I have to finish it off with a drop of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Sadly its not as easy to find in smaller towns but the cities have heaps of heath food stores. I usually think the web sometimes is a gimmick with stuff like this but this really did work. try running it through the dishwasher on the top rack, or else soak it in a solution of hot water and dishwasher detergent for awhile. Did you manage to clean yours up? TURN YOUR HOT WATER TANK UP TO THE HIGHEST SETTING FOR ABOUT AN HOUR. It’s the solvent. I’ve been painting in my bathroom,i put masking tape on the chrome towel and the dam glue as left a residue i cannot get off.Anyone got any ideas? Came right off and the baking soda did an amazing job cleaning the floor. My favorite is GooGone but it doesn’t work on everything. This means that it's working and that the glue has lost its adhesive bond. Another cloth or a rag would have also worked fine. I had a beautiful white pashmina I bought, and when I peeled off the sticker, it left a glue mark which immediately because a black rectangle of gathered dirt. You dunno how many binders (folders) ive thrown away because of the stickers crap:L. I was already gonna throw away my new folder i bought yesterday because of the sticker i put on it..smh-.- and VUALA! I used a normal pink eraser and wiped the mess off with a damp cloth, worked great! IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT IS SMALL ENOUGH TO FIT IN THE SINK (OR A BATHTUB WITH A HAND HELD SHOWER)AND IT WONT HE HARMED BY WATER, THIS IS THE BEST! I also wiped the area clean with a seperate soapy sponge after scrubbing it so that the mineral spirits didn’t sit on the laminate and damage it. WD 40 worked like magic to remove the label adhesive. I was looking all over the internet for a solution! If you wish to dry any fabric surfaces quickly such as carpets or sofas, use a hair dryer on a warm setting. To fully appreciate the hard floor though, you will need to remove the carpet glue as well. Things like price stickers and labels, different types of tape (packing, masking, scotch tape) can leave behind a sticky, gooey residue that’s a tricky mess to remove. Updated: This list was first published in 2007… Check out the best adhesive remover that has just 2 ingredients! Don’t give up! I had to use 3 rounds of WD40 and scrape with a stiff spatula, but it came off finally! Tried Creamy Peanut Butter on sticky fly tape glue that got stuck on the hood of my truck. thank you so much for the tip i will pass that one on. 8.Rubbing Alcohol- have used this in the past, it works really well for small things. Lots of work, and I’ll never use the fasteners for a small rug again (thought dogs might not be able to move rug if I used them. I a clear plastic container and wanted to avoid using oils as they would leave an oil sheen if I didn’t clean very well. Thanks!! Plus it opens the airway and smells nice. Duct tape eventually got it all, but you need to slap it on multiple times to get all of it off. I used everclear in the place of rubbing alcohol and it worked miracles! it really works. Unbelievable. You can find a home lead-test kit in many hardware stores. Both came clean with little effort. And now my portfolio smells minty fresh! Great. It was bad! Funny! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey lkky here is one for you….I removed embroidered patches that have been sewn to a leather jacket, upon removing them I found that they had used some type of glue to put them on before sewing. I got a flat edge piece of plastic and scrapped the adhesive, it came off in big clumps! what is a good way to remove border from the walls and the easiest and best way to remove contact paper from kitchen cabinets? Thanks again. IVE TRIED BABY OIL, ALCOHOL, PEANUT BUTTER, HAIRDRYER, NAILPOLISH REMOVERRRR… ARGGGHHHHHH, Duct tape baked on window all summer. Works good, but very smelly, and is starting to take off some paint. We were really impressed. It also gives off a nice shiny look to the leather . My problem: I placed a plastic container in the dishwasher. then i got impatient and tried to see if the goo was starting to come off. Ive had mcchicken/mcfish sauce dried on my car for over a year, I have tried everything listed on this board and others, nothing worked, oils, solvents, food products… nada. I was flabbergasted when it did not work! For the dried on rubbery, thick glue (from a previously installed glued on shower wall caddy) I did the following: saturated the glue strip with Goo Gone, held a paper towel over it a few seconds and then used a thin, flexible plastic ruler (not a stiff ruler) and scraped at the edges. It is BRILLIANT! I AM TOTALLY AMAZED. The Homedepot people quadruple wrapped this tape around the tubing and then the tubing was somehow lost under the their shelving. It’s discoloured the soles slightly but has left them stickiness free , i tried with toothpaste and i worked amazing. I tried the hairdryer and wet cloth for the glue left from a sticker on my notebook but it did not work that well. I was taking labels off of glass jars–nail polish remover did a little-but a thin smear of PB and rubbing with a paper towel got them slick-smooth!! The best thing that works for me is lighter fluid (the kind that you fill those old flip top (I can’t remember the name, dang it!) 23.Mr. After scrubbing away for what seemed like hours with every cleaning agent I could think of, I finally went out and bought the nail polish remover. Thank you. i tried baby oil, rubbing alcohol, oils, scrub pads, you name it – PEANUT BUTTER WORKS. I would not have believed it until i tried it absolutely brilliant ! I put it on, left if for a few minutes, then went back and just rubbed the sticky spots with my fingers. How do i get sticky substance remains left from the stcikers attached to my passport page? So this morning I put some cooking spray on one part, some veggie oil on another, some mayo on part, and some margarine on another. Pour salad oil on to the sticky pad. TOOTH PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. Use with confidence. Clean Up Solvent 22 is one of the most effective glue removers, which eliminates glue residues efficiently from concrete, matrix and counters. Perfect on laminated laminated dashboard of of antque Mercedes. You are going to need gloves, protective eyewear, … hehehe. Thanks for this natural and perfect idea . Peanut butter just worked beautifully for me–can’t believe it! If you do this in the summer, let the vehicle sit in the hot sun for about half an hour first since it will speed up the process. Peanut butter on paper towel and scrub a little bit shines it right up . Just like a permanent marker can be erased by using a whiteboard marker. The stuff came right off, now I’m going to go get a real good detailed car wash to hopefully get excess residue off, cleaned, and waxed to keep away any corrosion of exterior wax & paint on vehicle. !Then i scrubbed it off with paperXD. Some spots I had scrape with my figure nail but it wasn’t almost instantly clean. Any help is appreciated! I’ve had duct tape on my water bottle for about 5 years, and I took it off yesterday. Baby oil works really well. Works really good. It worked well and the oil in the peanut butter polished at the same time! He wiggled a bit which actually kinda helped and he was free with patience. Followed by wipe with a damp cloth. It didn’t even require any elbow grease! Of course, using a sponge or brillo pad to attempt to remove it would result in shredding or grating it! If you are having a hard time removing stickers and sticker adhesive off your windshield, perfume will do the trick. Worked like a charm! If there’s one thing we know, it’s that … Nothing else was working – paint thinner, rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover! I used a mixture of coconut oil and Dawn to get vinyl floor adhesive tape goo off of my scissors. The alchahol evaporates pretty quick so wipe soon after application. Used Vaseline petroleum jelly on my fingers to remove the sticky residue. Later I forgot about it and used the cloth on my laptop, since then I cant remove this stuff. I needed a food safe remover. Thanks for the tips everyone and add olive oil to the list! Any other good ideas? Had metal tape on a linoleum floor. My husband was set to return the light fixture and I saw a post here about peanut butter. I had sticker residue stuck on some plastic and WD40 worked like magic. There aren’t any visible gaps. I suggest using a minimal amount of the peanut butter, and it really works amazing! I used Vaseline(Petroleum Jelly) it worked brilliantly, I just applied left for a few minutes then rubbed off hard with a cotton towel and repeated. Off Bug Spray with a kleenx just spay the kleenx and then rub lots it will make the tuffest glue spots rub right away! I purchased this plastic caddy thing for my daughter for Christmas and they put a huge sticker on it which sucked because it was suppose to be from Santa. After wasting more than 3 weeks worth of toothpaste, some oil, trying the hair dryer, soap and water, windex, rubbing alcohol, nailpolish remover…..spent an hour an a half trying and Comet did the job like magic!!! I used WD40 to remove Scotch Heavy Duty Fasteners with Velcro from finished wood floors without damage. I have a wood kitchen island with a sticky square I’m not sure how to get off… ugh. I just used almond oil. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. One of the greatest things about natural DIY products is that many of them have multiple uses. . Mix simple ingredients to remove bumper stickers from your car or even labels off your bottles. If we want great content, let's encourage it! Unfortunately tried goof off and polish remover 1st. You will notice that the glue will start to blend into the oil. I cleaned the residue off with alcohol and now they’re shiny clean! Removing decals from my motorcycle, this is what it is: – Stickers from fenders/fairings = blowdry then peel, then put Goo Gone to get it off, – Stickers/decals on other plastic parts on your bike, Wd-40 and Goo gone together with tough scrubbing. i just used lavender massage oil…it worked great. After looking at the comments about Peanut Butter I tried it…and man did it work. Veggie oil worked very quickly and looks very pretty. Believe it or not, we used peanut butter on doll hair after reading this page. *First test a small area where it won’t be noticed to make sure the vehicle’s paint job won’t be damaged or discolored. I Tried “everything”, then went online and found this page. Amazing! I rubbed some on and used one of those chamie-like cloths to remove the residue. Just rub on a little bit and leave for awhile. We tried everything we had found, short of boiling water treatment, and nothing worked. Using a trowel or brush, apply the glue remover to the area of adhesive. olive oil worked magically on the goo of my high gloss finish coffee table..thks for the suggestions. I tried peanut butter and seemed like it was working but a little slow to react and messy. In her current home, she's tackled everything from installing real hardwood flooring to revamping the landscape. Thank you!! My mom use it once when my brother put gum in my hair, saved me from much humiliation. This should make the clumps easier to remove. Poured olive oil over it and 10 minutes later removed it with a microfibre cloth. On another portion of the same container I used olive oil, it too worked quickly and easily. This just renewed my faith in the internet. Because I’m dealing with a living animal, I have had to work it off as gently and carefully as possible, but it’s going to pull out feathers. Will pouring baby or eucalyptus oil on top/behind slowly but surely and probably a lot regularly do the trick? Cooking oil worked for me! i have a bmw z3 and its recently on permit the red paper they give at the dmv so you can move your car. I bought a 4 drawer filing cabinet at a yard sale. It’s very much stuck to a plaster wall. WOW!! This is the easiest way to remove … I went into the kitchen to wash my hands and saw the big yellow bottle of Comet…so I figured what the heck..lets try it….Comet took the goo off in SECONDS!!! Yuck! if u r in canada, save on foods sells a line of oils in the cosmetics dept., called “wow” pure potent essential oils, the company is “essential nature” this is a real true organic company. I have ONE WEEK. Thanks. She had tried most of the solutions on the list above to remove duct tape glue to no avail. Sticky goo rubbed right off with a kleenex after that. I have yet to try it on sticker glue, but imagine it should work in the same fashion. . That worked well. Thanks for the great tips. Eucalyptus Oil just saved me so much time. PLEASE HElP ME. Came clean with one wipe!!! and I used windex, hot water, petrolem jelly, and then i tried rubbing alchol and that seemed to work it left to much still then i tried peanut butter, and after i left it on for about 6 minutes or so, then i wiped it off and it was like…wooooaaaahhhhh its clean and i have no problems…I love peanut butter…its tasty and it cleans…crazy product.. I bought a mirror today and there was a huge sticker on the bottom of it, first of all i tried to remove it with nail polish remover(didnt work) then tried hairspray (didnt work) and finally i tried wd- 40 and it worked a treat, i didnt even need to scrub it, came off with the wipe of kitchen roll, thanks for the great idea :o). I always buy the alcohol prep pads (like at the hospital) cause it already has a little pad to wipe with. I tested a small area with the Peanut butter and gradually the gunk started to shift. First I peeled off the rough side, leaving the liner on the floor. It can be purchased from most supermarkets. i have sticky stuff from like an animal trap on my rain coat how do i get it off?? What best advise would you give to remove this sticky glue from this type of fabric would you use. The peanut butter was awesome!!! Who’d a thunk it? So I decided to use peanut butter. . Thank you! Worked great!!! This can be done using warm soapy water. Thanks! That stuff beats vegetable oil, dish soap, and Goo Gone! Take those stickers and labels off fabric immediately! Applying the Vinegar-Soaked Cloth or Towel Lay the warm vinegar-soaked cloth or towel on the carpet glue. The sticker sat on the shawl for years. Each one when peeled off left a nasty residue. Lol. This was a fiberglass shower insert. Toothpaste worked an absolute charm for me, took less than a minute. Petroleum Jelly to the rescue! Sorry. THEN all the goo went to the white plastic of the computer and so I used some Tea Tree lotion to get it off! I had some sticker residue on my laptop, and it removed them all. Tried the rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, toothpaste, baking soda; none worked. My stickiest, yuckiest problem is the hanging fly trap. If you don’t have petroleum jelly, try it instead. I used the mixture of baking soda and water (until a gritty consistency was formed), rubbed it into the glue, and was able to scrape the whole thing off fairly easily. WOW, you can try engine de-greaser or bike chain cleaner. Just stick it on the surface, use your nails to really get it to adhere, and then peel it off like a band-aid. There is now a splotch on my laptop when it started to eat through , How did u use the nail polish can u explain please, I just put a little on a rag and rubbed for a while, and it worked pretty well (I did it on a hard cover book, and the color started to wear off a bit, but other than that it was fine), didnt for me n I let it sit there for a few minutes, I tried the blow dryer olive oil , mayo I only left a few min but glue ate through finish I’m guessing when trying to remove with rubber spatula gently finish came off with glue, Tried the nail polish remover and it worked for me as well,glue came off real easy ..Thanks, I was desperate so i tried lavender spray and it worked!! I read the reviews for using eucalyptus oil and was pretty sure I had some. PEANUT BUTTER. It left a bit of residue that’s noticeable if you look at it carefully, but it’s good enough for me. I used it to get the remaining residue off the one side and it worked well. Yee haa! now i’m left to clean the sticky residue thats left behind. Vaseline helped some but really had to scrub, toothpaste, vinegar, and windex did nothing. Please can anyone advise me what I should use? Your supposed to use it to clean your computer keyboard from dirt and dust. I tried nail polish remover, Windex, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, concentrated lemon juice all without much luck. Then I smeared PEANUT BUTTER on it with a butter knife and waited 10-15 minutes and viola!!! I threw a few drops of Eukalyptus oil onto a stubborn glue-stain on a stainless steel dish, and it was gone instantly! Seek the assistance of a professional tile remover or installer. Thanks – great advice – the nail polish remover did the trick in 15 seconds. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Perfume rocks! After an extended hiatus, I’m now in the process of updating all the info/resources here on Tipnut. but nothing was working well, unless I went to town on it, scrubbing with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. WASHES RIGHT OFF!! EASY! home improvement and repair website. 10.Baking Soda & Water Paste (just rub gently into the goo, then wipe off with a warm wet cloth) haven’t tried this yet, BUT let me tell you, for cleaning grease it works amazing.